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The Durutti Column

Vini Reilly 5 Disc Boxset


Release Date: Apr 19, 2024

Discs: 5

Remastered and heavily expanded 5 Disc version, featuring over 75 tracks:

Disc 1. Vini Reilly album + 3 Bonus tracks [16 tracks]
Disc 2. The Sporadic Recordings [28 tracks] , a limited edition CD from 1989 [SPORE 1]
Disc 3. Womad Live EP plus bonus live tracks and demos [16 tracks]
Disc 4. An exclusive DVD, Live from Porto 1988 [16 tracks]
Disc 5. Bonus 1 track 3-inch mini CD I Know Very Well How I Got My Name a replica of the bonus addition from the original CD pressing

Includes new essay by Durutti Column / Factory Records expert James Nice, liner notes by band member Bruce Mitchell, liner notes from Anthony Wilson, interview extracts with Vini Reilly and restored images and outtake images.

Packaging Description

  • 5 Disc set in Clamshell Box 

  • Printed CD Wallets

  • On-body prints

  • Booklet